Urban Survival Skills Series

There are two tracks to The Urban Survival Skills Series
With Dr. Richard Alan Miller and Mat Stein

5 Videos on Urban Survival Skills and
5 Videos on ESP
Survival Instinct Training/Critical Decision Making.

Urban Survival Skills Workshops

• Build your own ultimate 72-hour survival kit / bug-out bag
• Herbal, alternative and traditional medical supplies/techniques for coping with pandemic/grid crisis
• Urban gardens and local resilience
• Backup heat and power / distributed power generation
• Wild edible and medicinal plants / foraging
• Critical gear to have on hand
• Learn what you need to do to be prepared, and how to keep your family safe and healthy in a crisis situation!

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ESP Survival Instinct Training/Critical Decision Making Classes

Tools Dr. Richard Alan Miller taught to Navy Seals for making life-and-death snap decisions with a 3 sigma (99%) accuracy.
• Mother nature built the most incredible survival mechanism into each of us
• Learn to activate and trust this natural inner-guidance system
• Improve your intuitive decision making skills