Preparation Philosophy
My preparation philosophy relies both upon a set of useful tools and a related set of skills. Basic kit is carried/worn at all times with each item chosen to meet some supposed need in a likely urban scenario. I believe in what I call my “concentric ring” approach to kits. The inner ring is the basic on-body kit, the next ring consists of a coat/hat kit and my shoulder carry bag of items, the next ring is a desk kit, followed by car and home kits. As the rings expand, the kit items become either more numerous, larger or more specialized. The on-body kit is designed to meet basic needs of shelter, water and communication plus some
specialized needs likely in my workplace. The larger kits include increased communications, better shelter, more capable and complete first aid etc all the way up to the home kit which includes CERT and RACES team gear (Community Emergency Response Team, and Radio
Amateur Civil Emergency Service, more about these later). I also tend to design kits with daily use in mind….that is my kits are open to use of the items as needed, not sealed in kit boxes etc.