This book is really two books, The Adam and Eve Story and Aftermath of the Adam and Eve Story. It was never classified by the CIA.

The page numbers are not in perfect order as I removed all blank pages for better viewing.

This is the Book of the Century! At LAST someone – this time a basic research scientist – has come forth with proof of cataclysms, which are worldwide supersonic inundations such as Noah’s flood. They were discovered by great men such as Andre DeLuc, Baron Georges Cuvier and Guy de Dolomieu, and have remained unsolved mysteries ever since. Now the author takes you through thrilling solutions of finding the process of cataclysms, their timetable, and the derivation of trigger, a 20-year search. Truly, CATACLYSMS LEAVE NO ONE UNTOUCHED!
He describes the next cataclysm in awesome detail plus the deterioration of civilization and the escalation of crime before the next cataclysm. It just so happens that the author’s scientific prediction of the next cataclysm agrees with clairvoyants Nostradamus’, Cayce’s, and Scallion’s predictions. But He was wrong, it did not happen in 2000 Never before have facts been presented in such a spine-tingling, inspiring fashion; and never have so many secrets been unlocked in one book. This is the most stirring subject, written in the most intriguing, engrossing, and exciting style ever. You will remember this exceptional book for years!