The Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture HMR 1990 EBOOK


This Book Contains The Following Subjects.
Cultivation And Market Of Psyllium Seed And Hulls 17
Chemistry: 17
Field Production And Cultivation: 18
Marketing: 20
The Forage And Harvest Of Passion Flower 21
The Farm: Nitrogen Fertilize To Control Weeds 22
The Market: California And The Fresh Herb Markets 24
The Ethnic And Exotic Herb & Spice Markets 28
Exotic Produce: 28
Oriental Vegetables: 30
Mushrooms: 31
The Hispanic Markets; 32
Thai And Cambodian Spices: 32
The Kosher Markets: 33
Ethnic Spice Combinations: 33
Major Markets: Caster Bean And Lesquerella Oil 34
The Forage And Harvest Of Prince Pine Herb 34
Triticale And Lupin: A New Cereal/Legume Combination 38
Sweet White Lupin: 38
Triticale: 39
Rotation Economics: 41
Major Markets: Thirty-Mile Marketing 41
The Cultivation And Markets For Hydrangea Flowers 42
Macrophylla (Hortensia) Varieties: 42
Cultivation And Harvest: 43
Other Varieties: 44
Economics: 45
Major Markets: Medicine From Plants 46
The Culture And Uses Of Flax 49
Botanical Description; 49
The Culture Of Seed-Flax: 50
Economic Importance And Uses: 53
Linseed Oil Extraction: 54
The Farm: Alcohol For Fuel 56
The Forage And Collection Of Douglas Fir Tree Pitch 59
The Farm: Basic Laboratory Instrumentation 63
Crambe: A New Oilseed Crop 65
Markets: 65
Cultivation & Harvest: 65
The Production And Markets Of Canola (Rapeseed) 69
World Market Overview: 69
Cultural Practices: 71
Further Information: 73
The Market: Analyzing Alternative Crops 73
Best Cooking Oils 74
Oils For Salads: 74
Oil For Baking; 75
Cooking Oil: 75
Frying Oil: 75
Conclusion: 76
The Forage And Harvest Of Chaparral Leaf 79
The Economics And Marketing Of Bird Seed 81
Economics: 82
Marketing: 83
Major Markets: Considerations For A Profit-Sharing Marketing Cooperative 84
The Forage And Harvest Of Pennyroyal Herb 84
Cottage Industry: Herbal Soft Drinks 90
Brown Paper Bag Prospectus 91
Marketing: 91
Teabag Prospectus 91
Marketing: 92
Indian Herbal Coffee 92
“Naturals” – A New Herbal Soft Drink Proposal 93
Major Markets: Considerations For A Profit-Sharing Marketing Cooperative 94
The Farm: The Purpose And Meaning Of Botanical Nomenclature 94
The Chemistry And Propagation Of Feverfew 96
Chemistry: 96
Propagation And Harvest: 97
The Cultivation And Markets For Aloe Vera 101
Chemistry: 101
Propagation And Harvest 102
Marketing: 103
The Economics Of Producing Cut Flowers Outdoors 104
Costs: 106
Variable Costs 107
Investment Costs 107
Literature Cited 109
The Forage And Markets For Black Haw Root 114
The Tomato Subsector As An Alternative For Limited Access Farmers 115
Greenhouse Production Of Tomato Seedlings: 119
News Release: Alternative Agriculture 123
The Market: Burger King Switches To Soy Oil 124
The Potential Of Grain Amaranths In The 1990’s And Beyond 127
Literature Cited: 129
Example Of Cost-Return Projection Dryland Grain Amaranth Central Kansas* (Yield X Price) 130
News Release: Garlic As A Potential Cure For Aids? 131
Marketing Alternatives For Fresh Herbs & Spices. 134
Selling To Wholesalers Or Chains: 134
Selling Through Brokers: 134
Marketing Associations: 135
Selling To Or Through A “Fee Packer”: 135
Conclusion: 135
The Collection And Markets Of Juniper Berries 139
Yucca Extract In Feed-Part I 143
Native Plants Of Commercial Importance 146
The Market: American Ginseng Trends 147

The author, Richard Alan Miller, is a world renowned agricultural consultant and researcher on the forefront and ‘cutting edge’ of the sciences related to botanicals and their practical cultivation, use and marketing.

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The Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture: For the Urban and Semi-Rural Communities is an anthology of approximately 120 newsletters over a 10 year period called, The Herb Market Report. Each issue features 2 herbs, one on small farm alternatives and the other on a forage crop. Each also includes a farm/forage plan, harvest and drying techniques, processing and storage requirements, and marketing options. A cottage industry section is featured as well. The articles are in depth, concerning all aspects of herb production, processing and marketing for active and potential herb farmers. They teach the basics for how to “small farm” field crops correctly, and be successful.

ISBN 978-0-9976199-3-5
Author: Dr. Richard Alan Miller

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