The Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture


The author, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, is a world renowned agricultural consultant and researcher on the forefront and ‘cutting edge’ of the sciences related to botanicals and their practical cultivation, use and marketing.


The Encyclopedia of Alternative Agriculture: For the Urban and Semi-Rural Communities is an anthology of approximately 120 newsletters over a 10 year period called, The Herb Market Report. Each issue features 2 herbs, one on small farm alternatives and the other on a forage crop. Each also includes a farm/forage plan, harvest and drying techniques, processing and storage requirements, and marketing options. A cottage industry section is featured as well. The articles are in depth, concerning all aspects of herb production, processing and marketing for active and potential herb farmers.They teach the basics for how to “small farm” field crops correctly, and be successful. Book 1 contains the first 24 newsletters.


Large format, 8.5×11″; delux color soft cover; black and white interior; 216 pages.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9883379-1-6

ISBN-10: 0-9883379-1-6

Author Dr. Richard Alan Miller


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