Workbook 1 Power Tools for the 21st Century


An exercise supplement for the 2nd book in the series Toward the Evolution of Consciousness this book features eight main training focuses. It includes self testing exercises, systems of cosmology and philosophy at the heart of developing one’s consciousness and clearly defined meditation practices to achieve your goals. Subjects featured include the I-Ching; The Diamond Body; Basic Tests for ESP; Archetypal Gods in Daily Living; Tantric Lunar Meditation; and the 8 Neurological Circuits.

6×9”; delux color soft cover; black and white interior; 68 pages; contains explanitory illustrations and historic photos from the author’s past during the time of his Navy SEAL curriculum development.


These are the protocols that were developed for the Navy SEALs to create super soldiers.These Power Tools can be used today for your own personal evolution of consciousness.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9883379-3-0
ISBN-10: 0-9883379-3-0

Author: Dr. Richard Alan Miller

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