Metaphysics Course With new audio sound
In 1999 to 2001, when PC Link changed and became AOL, Dr. Miller was asked to offer courses in Metaphysics, and subjects related to my previous work with the military. Humboldt University had just begun on-line educational with Dr. Miller’s, offered exclusively through AOL. This is the result of those early chat-room courses.
The classes were saved as text files and then edited to make sense then converted to a computer generated (MP3) audio file. This can be played or be converted to any type of file you like.
Meta means beyond, and the new directions in Physics. It includes the study, and use, of altered states of consciousness, where Imagination is considered Reality.
What comes with the course is the (MP3) audio files with most of the books (PDF format) that were the required reading before coming to class and asking the questions to DR. Miller. Most of the questions that anyone could think of were asked and answered. It is just like setting in to one of Dr. Millers classes.
The files are downloaded in PK zip format. This is an almost universal format for all computers.


METAPHYSICS VII    With new audio sound

Class Outline

01-23-95 – Class #1:

This is the log notes from the new (and improved – ha ha) Metaphysics VIII (Class78 ).   This is a series on how to set up a ritual for Sex Magick, part of the new upcoming book, same title.  Tonight’s lecture was on astrological considerations, including some important references to further information.

 02-06-95 – Class #2:

This is the log notes from Class #2 of Metaphysics VIII (CLASS79 ).  This is a continuation of lectures from a new book in preparation called Sex Magick.  Topics covered tonight included a continuation of astrology and how one might want to read various aspects when considering rituals.  My chart was used, as an example on how to read charts in general, including aspects such as Grand-Trines and T-Squares.

02-13-95 – Class #3:

This period suffered from both CMOS drive problems and AOL growth problems.  As a result, there was no no class material in the log notes, only uploads for those interested in Assuming The God-Mask Rituals.  They are included in this class log note download, now called Class #3 of Metaphysics VIII (CLASS80 ).

02-27-95 – Class #4:

This is the log notes from Class #4 of Metaphysics VIII (CLASS81 ).  Last week, a number of uploads were sent out for students to review.  Tonight’s lecture was to answer specific questions on those uploads.  This included the nature and purpose of ritual.  Assuming the God Mask was also discussed..  The direction now is for students to be able to build their own Sex Magick rituals from structured forms by the end of this term.  It is hoped that most will continue to participate in a 6-month Abra Melin form for Union with Self.

03-06-95 – Class #5:

This is the log notes from Class #5 of Metaphysics VIII (CLASS82 ).  Larry McDaniel a Herb farmer in Missouri visited the class, as an old friend of Dr. Ram’s.  Further discussions on Knowledge and Conversation with one’s Angel (or Higher Self) Knowledge and Conversation was discussed.  Also included was information on original work done by Dr. Ram on The Lemegaton, or Lesser Key of Solomon. Also disucssed was visualization, Sex Magick finds it’s First Cause.

03-20-95 – Class #6:

This is the log notes from Class #6 of Metaphysics VIII (CLASS83 ).  The A:.A:. exam was discussed, and how to use Gems from the Equinox, edited by Regardie.  Crowley used a system of correspondences to address his various book titles, and these were discussed to some extent.  Meditation, also known as the “little death,” was also discussed.

04-10-95 – Class #7:

This is the log notes from Class #7 of Metaphysics VIII (CLASS84 ).  Concepts of several mammals more evolved than man were discussed.  This included the Dolphin and Orca.  Suggested inferences to sand paintings as solid state devices was also discussed.  Matter chained in time, as it relates to Cronos and the 10th “missing” sephareth was also part of these discussions.

04-24-95 – Class #8:

This is the log notes from Class #8 of Metaphysics VIII (CLASS85 ). Had just returned from Seattle, with arm just out of cast.  Assuming the God-Mask rituals, details on circle, writing your own script for HGA.



Author: Dr. Richard Alan Miller