Metaphysics Course With new audio sound
In 1999 to 2001, when PC Link changed and became AOL, Dr. Miller was asked to offer courses in Metaphysics, and subjects related to my previous work with the military. Humboldt University had just begun on-line educational with Dr. Miller’s, offered exclusively through AOL. This is the result of those early chat-room courses.
The classes were saved as text files and then edited to make sense then converted to a computer generated (MP3) audio file. This can be played or be converted to any type of file you like.
Meta means beyond, and the new directions in Physics. It includes the study, and use, of altered states of consciousness, where Imagination is considered Reality.
What comes with the course is the (MP3) audio files with most of the books (PDF format) that were the required reading before coming to class and asking the questions to DR. Miller. Most of the questions that anyone could think of were asked and answered. It is just like setting in to one of Dr. Millers classes.
The files are downloaded in PK zip format. This is an almost universal format for all computers.


METAPHYSICS VI   With new audio sound


The Modern Alchemist  introduction to Pantheon  the rituals planned for this term Assuming the God Mask


further introduction to archetypes (including references)  examples from the book Pantheon  Assuming The God  Mask Ritual


arcana mailing list  Dion Fortune  book 5/5/2000  Uranus and time  chaos and related concepts, from the new book Pantheon


Experimental College concept and how it was implemented to become  Evergreen State University (olympia, WA)

first three principles of Magick (as an artform), Gematria, and archetypal encounters.


Fucalut’s Pendulum (Umberto Eco),  occult glamour associates with this, a number of new books on shamanism

how and where to join O.T.O. Lodges  work in electro-magick.


John Fowles  The Magus   the visit to Grants Pass in June  BBS project


archetypes as a method of self analysis   obtaining Knowledge and Conversation with one’s Angel

albums and Pink Floyd’s Private Collection


out of kilter with normal class periods   Sex Magick, as a theme for Metaphysics VII


one attended except Milan and I  We discussed Metaphysics VII on Sex Magick and extended bibliography



Author: Dr. Richard Alan Miller