Metaphysics Course   With new audio sound

This course contains the lost books of the bible.

In 1999 to 2001, when PC Link changed and became AOL, Dr. Miller was asked to offer courses in Metaphysics, and subjects related to my previous work with the military. Humboldt University had just begun on-line educational with Dr. Miller’s, offered exclusively through AOL. This is the result of those early chat-room courses.
The classes were saved as text files and then edited to make sense then converted to a computer generated (MP3) audio file. This can be played or be converted to any type of file you like.
Meta means beyond, and the new directions in Physics. It includes the study, and use, of altered states of consciousness, where Imagination is considered Reality.
What comes with the course is the (MP3) audio files with most of the books (PDF format) that were the required reading before coming to class and asking the questions to DR. Miller. Most of the questions that anyone could think of were asked and answered. It is just like setting in to one of Dr. Millers classes.
The files are downloaded in PK zip format. This is an almost universal format for all computers.


METAPHYSICS 10   With new audio sound

09-11-95 – Class 97:

This is the Log notes The is the start of a new lecture series on the work PANTHEON: Archetypal Gods In Daily Living.  The period began with “one-liner’s from each student, and questions about my purpose in teaching this course.  Also questions were covered on the distinction between soul and spirit.

Soul and spirit were related to the Sophia (via an unrelated question), and some of the principles of Saint Mat.  Tonight’s lecture began with a definition on the ontology of mystical states (Gowan), and covered lucid dream states and their relationship to consciousness.

 09-18-95 – Chat Session Class 98

This is the Log notes from   Chat Session Class 98.  The surgery was so recent, I was not really able to keep up with my students, and their questions.  To somehow put everyone off the hook, I offered this as our first of two “chat sessions.”  There will also be 8 full class periods, we’ve had one already.  One of the students asked about channeling, and I began to discuss the importance of marking the “profane” with the “sacred” by a “switch, also known as a circle of protection.

Questions flurried, and I was unable to keep up with a specific line of thought fast enough to respond, so did my best  “one-handed,” and eventually “called it a day.  Some very good “one-lines” on the importance of ritual and the circle of protection.

10-02-95 – Class 99:

This is the Log notes from this was the beginning of a two-part lecture on dream states, and how they affect our reality.  Included in this lecture are details on REM sleep and the two other form sleep, and the 4 stages of sleep.  Lucid dream states are the ultimate conclusions, including exercises on how to develop control.  A number of references were given.

 10-09-95 – Class 100:

This is the Log notes from this was a continuation on the nature of dreams, and how they relate to consciousness.  Some specific examples of how symbolism might be used to develop a dialog with the subconscious was offered, and some exercises were given to capture the contents of the dream.  Also discussed is how to use dreams to solve problems.

10-16-95 – Class 101:

This is the Log notes this lecture concludes a three-part overview on the uses of dreams, specifically lucid dream states, for getting further in touch with the Self.  A number of further exercises were given, including more detailed uses of lucid dream states.

Further references, including world-wide-web sites, and the download Dream healing were given.  Dream healing can be found in the Health and Healing section of the ML.

10-23-95 – Class 102:

This is the Log notes because I plan no class next week, this lecture covered the pagan origins of Halloween, from the Celtic forms into the present practices of North America today.

Prior to this lecture, some personal historical background information on ESP was discussed, including some of the newer forms (Soul Spiting, Couple Bonding, etc.) of ESP.  This included the celebrated TV show of the 1950s, One Step Beyond.

 11-06-95 – Class 103:

This is the Log notes this was the start of a new 3-part lecture on ESP Induction through forms of Self-Hypnosis.  Tonight we discussed how one “sees” auras, via phosphines, and other physical phenomena.  A general set of metaphors were given, original in nature, on other aspects of altered states of consciousness (ASC).

This material will form a foundation for a new book on the subject of ASC, time, and techniques for shifting from one state to another.  Pantheon forms the definitions for the “flavor” of one state over another in consciousness.

 11-20-95 – Class 104:

This is the Log notes from this was the second of a 3-part lecture on ESP Induction through forms of Self-Hypnosis.  Tonight we discussed how thought forms are created, and began a discussion on the postulated used to understand this phenomena.

Also included were some studies from the ESP Screening Questionnaire, created for use by the Army in 1973.  This is a series of subjective evaluations from individuals and what their belief systems do to enhance ESP phenomena.  This included personality characteristics, dream recall, memory, and visualization and association aspects.

11-27-95 – Chat Session Class 105:

This is the Log notes from this was a full classroom tonight, but rather than continue discussing the ongoing lectures on ESP, many of the students had questions on a diversity of topics.  So, we responded to those and called it our second Chat Session.  More detail was given on the “blank mind” state, related to ESP and low alphoid activity in the visual cortex region of the brain.

Other topics included specific states of consciousness related to Radiathesia, a form of ESP using external objects to communicate to consciousness- (like tarot, water witching, and other related mechanisms).  Questions also include alternative forms of the Bible, and some of the so-called “lost books” (like Enoch and Moses).  More distinctions were also made between Union with Self and God Realization.

12-04-95 – Class 106:

This is the Log notes from this concludes the 3-part series of lectures on ESP induction through forms of self-hypnosis.  An overview of protocols were given in the uses of hypnosis, including specific scripts and key words for induction.

Next term will focus on another new 3-book series now in preparation.  The Diamond Body series, primarily focusing on video feedback techniques, includes Electro-Magick and Yogatronics.



Author: Dr. Richard Alan Miller