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© PETER DEJONG, AP Magic mushrooms, such as these from the Netherlands, contain a hallucinogen call psilocybin. A synthetic form of the drug was used in two new studies. Psychedelic medicine, long taboo, is moving toward the mainstream: Two new studies show the hallucinogenic drug psilocybin might relieve anxiety and depression in cancer patients.
Dozens of distressed patients, treated under controlled conditions at two prestigious medical centers, saw spirit-lifting effects that lasted at least several weeks after taking the “magic mushroom” drug, according to results published Thursday in The Journal of Psychopharmacology.

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This compact book is actually the most complete field guide to hallucinogenic mushrooms ever published. In its convenient hip-pocket size are 14 color photographs, 11 accurate drawings, and all of their characteristics.
The mushrooms covered in this book are: 11, of the Psilocybe species containing psilocybin.
5 Panaeolus mushrooms found coast-to-coast.
2 Amanita species containing muscimol.
3 other psilocybin-containing species.
Each mushrooms is described as to the size and color of its cap, gills, stem, flesh, and spore print, as well as its habitat, location and season.

The author, Richard Alan Miller, is a world renowned agricultural consultant and researcher on the forefront and ‘cutting edge’ of the sciences related to botanicals and their practical cultivation, use and marketing.

ISBN-13: 978-0930180010
Author: Richard Alan Miller and David Tatelman

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