Earth's Magnetic Flux Changes

15th February 2012 By Chris Bourne Contributing Writer for Wake Up World How are they affecting you? Okay so you’ve seen the film about pole reversal in 2012. That may just be Hollywood, but personally I can say one thing for sure: the magnetic flux of the planet is changing towards a new alignment. I […]

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Belief Systems | Wake Up World

22nd January 2012 By Kanta Jacob Katz Ph.D Guest Writer for Wake Up World Our belief systems are thoughts that have become our habits that determine what we think, what we feel and how we react to life. They influence every fiber of our being. In our everyday life when we talk about “beliefs” we usually […]

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Scientists mystified why rotation on Venus is slowing

SPACE – Planet lovers take note: Venus is spinning even slower than astronomers thought, according to new data from a European space probe. In the early 1990s scientists with NASA’s Magellan mission calculated that a single rotation of Venus takes 243.015 Earth days, based on the speed of surface features passing beneath the orbiting spacecraft. […]

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