Attend a Full Day Workshop in Grants Pass Oregon

Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis

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Sunday, October 14 – 8-4 pm

When you register for this workshop, you will learn powerful tools that can help you unlock the power of your mind to…

• Reduce Sress
• Control Pain
• Relieve Anxiety
• Increase Energy
• Relax Deeply
• Sharpen memory recall
• Improve sleep

Come and join the fun! The festivities start at 8 a.m. You will learn how to improve your ESP based on protocal developed by Dr. Richard Alan Miller for the United States Government. After testing your current ESP abilities you will be instructed in new and powerful techniques that have been proven to increase ESP and intuition by a much as 400%! After completion of the workshop you will again be tested to verify your IMPROVEMENT!

You will return home with new and powerful tools to assist you in making the best possible decisions that can help you to create perfect health, abundance, and happiness in all areas of your life.
Event wraps up at 4 p.m., but you’re welcomed to the no-host dinner after-party, for more questions and answers!

Cost: $125.00Includes Lunch
A $50.00 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space.
Registration and Invoice will be emailed.

Where: Taprock Northwest Grill – Grants Pass, Oregon
Parking: plentiful parking and limited street spaces
What to bring: water, notebook pencil or pen



ESP INDUCTION Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis on SALE!

The first book in the three book series written by Dr. Richard Alan Miller — Toward the Evolution of Consciousness, and a how-to book intended to increase a person’s intuition and extra sensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense.


The protocols identified here have been tested and found reliable in increasing a person’s intuition or guessing ability by up to 400% above an individual’s beginning levels. The book introduces basic information on self-hypnosis as a tool for enhancing our latent human potentials or, as they are referred to in some military literature these days our anomalous human potentials previously called ESP. BUY