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Dr. Miller,
Listening to you speak has sent me down roads of inquiry that I never would have traveled. You have opened a sense of wonder about the world for me that had not been there before. I consider your interviews a gift for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you. — Gary Haas

RE: ESP Workshop
My expectations were exceeded! I came to learn from a man with great knowledge and accomplishments. I left feeling like I studied with a friend. Thank you. — Charles

Not only is he beyond brilliant, he took the time to speak to me and send me lots of information that would assist me in my own search for answers. While I was in graduate school studying transpersonal psychology at Sofia University, I wrote to you a few times. I had a spark of intuition that informed me Kundalini, alchemy, and shamanic initiations were highly related to each other. Those thoughts led me to my thesis on spiritual emergencies/awakenings. You sent me some papers you wrote: Yogatron, Resonate, Third-Eye, and Yantra.
You are revered. It is so kind of you to continue to offer your knowledge and an invitation to meet you!
I love you Dr. Miller; you rock! — Stephen Rogers

Severin Höin

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