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01-03-16 – Feet to the Fire: Open Talk w/Richard Alan Miller – 1/3/16


01-15-16 – Tim Rothchilde – “The Cosmic Perspective” on – its Mike Adams new network.


01-17-16 – Hits Dhanak Interviews Dr. Richard Alan Miller


01-20-16 – Jeff Rense & Dr. Richard Alan Miller – Planet 9 & Geopolitical Physics


02-13-16 – Feet to the Fire: Dr. Richard Alan Miller on Planet X(s)


03-02-16 – Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Intuition, Stargates, Moon Pot | EODR 87 – This episode we are joined by the legendary Dr. Richard Allen Miller who has lived a long life and participated in things that most people do not even know exist. Dr. Miller talks to us about what it was like working alongside Timothy Leary during the 60’s acid days. He then tells us about the type of training he was giving Navy Seals and how he was teaching them to listen to their intuition in order to survive. We move on to discussing the higher self and how we actually engage in a type of time travel when we learn to live our lives with grace.


03-28-16 – Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Magick, Military Intelligence, and Higher Consciousness

This week we talk to Dr. Richard Alan Miller who has studied a wide array of fringe topics, has held several impressive positions, and has had a multitude of experiences that should impress any THC listener. From magick to military intelligence, from conspiracy to higher consciousness.


04-02-16 – Type1Radio Lounge 2/4/16

Enjoy this conversation with Dr Richard Alan Miller, there is no one on this planet quite like him!  This swami and Shakti Ma are very much looking forward to accepting his invitation to spend time at his place once the Shiva Shakti Mobile Ashram Tour of America rolls into Oregon! Initiates and disciples will particularly appreciate this.


04-05-16 – Social-Live and Dr Richard Alan Miller Children the sandbox and water!


04-10-16 – Rex Bear – Dr Richard Alan Miller, Time Travel, Military Occult, LSD with Timothy Leary


04-15-16 – Dr-Richard-Alan-Miller-Physcis-Metaphysics-Hyperspace-Hosted-by-Solaris-BlueRaven-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network


04-15-16 – Kev Baker Show –

END OF DAYS with Doc Miller & Kerry Cassidy
Dr Richard Alan Miller & Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot join the show and we start by talking about the earth changes including the Japan quake today – could it be Niburu or some other body on its way in? Dr Miller then takes us into some of the stuff he worked on in black-ops including meeting aliens at Area 51! There is talk of missing time, CERN, interdimensional portals, alien races, ufo’s, serial killers and more!!


END OF DAYS! Whistleblower Talks Niburu, Aliens At Area 51 & More!


04-22-16 – WSO Interviews Dr. Richard Alan Miller – His take on Nibiru and the Importance of ATTITUDE


05-02-16 – April 30-2016: “Brainstorming With DocRAM Richard Alan Miller” Phd.


05-28-16 – Off the Rock with Doc – videos from radio


05-29-16 – Feet to the Fire: Richard Alan Miller 05-15-16 Open Talk


Acres, USA article on Bill Mollison


06-13-16 – an old chapter from The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs in the Journal of Quantum Botany


06-15-16 – SONIC SCREWDRIVER Dr RAM ¼ – Published on Jun 15, 2016 – THIS TIME ERIK THE WRENCH repairs reality with a sonic hammer!!! Builds up slowly, RAM starts off by totally tossing my whole planned interview out the window lol.


06-28-16 – a technical crop report from Richters of Canada – 2005



08-03-16 – 07-30-14 – Richard Alan Miller – How To Prepare For The Illuminati’s Coming Dollar Collapse

What’s happening on a political and financial level in the U.S. and around the world is hardly a new phenomenon. In fact for centuries there has existed a rather clear pattern that once the governments start spending wildly outside of their means, they then begin to clamp down and try other methods of shaking down their constituents and coming up with more money, power, and control. But what if you could become your own government and internal sovereign state and leave all of it behind?

On today’s Radio Arcadia podcast we had special guest Dr. Richard Allen Miller, who let’s just say has seen a thing or two that the average person doesn’t ever get access to. Dr. Miller is a quantum physicist, and basically an all-around genius as well as one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and in addition to being called on by the Navy to train the Seals to become super soldiers who tap into some paranormal decision making skills in order to keep themselves alive, he’s also one of the main figures that the show the X-Files was based on.

So in today’s interview we took a break from looking at some of the financial and Wall Street related issues to discuss some of the social and sovereign aspects of being prepared for life after the dollar and whatever changes that might bring. In particular Dr. Miller talked a lot about the importance of having a good and reliable water source, as while there are a lot of things you can survive without, water just isn’t one of them.

However like just about anything else that we’ve studied or tried to figure out in life, once you start thinking about what changes are coming and how you might want to respond, the solutions begin to appear. Fortunately you don’t have to solve everything overnight, and even if it doesn’t always seem like it, you’re probably a lot further along than you might even realize.

Dr. Miller also discussed some of the ways in which we can also prepare ourselves for anything that comes our way, as believe it or not, a lot of the methods he used to train the Navy Seals are based on meditation and breathing techniques that many around the world have been studying and implementing. Given that he also is familiar with and has seen inside of some of the government mind control programs, it was simply stunning to get inside his body of knowledge and hear how he responds to all of the nefarious government programs that have been making live more difficult for citizens around the globe.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how life unfolds whenever the governments begin to run out of money and collapses. It’s hard to see how life won’t change drastically in many ways, but the encouraging news that Dr. Miller explains is that when we follow our intuition and have a positive intention, things really do have a way of working themselves out. So when in doubt, if something feels right, it’s probably best to keep going, but rather than taking my opinion for it, go ahead and enjoy this amazing interview with the great Dr. Richard Alan Miller so that you can begin turning yourself into your own sovereign nation and leave the government busy bodies behind.


08-4-16 – Thursday – DR. Richard Alan Miller – Time Travel, and the 5 L’s – DR. Richard Alan Miller instructs us about “Time Travel”, and the 5 L’s. From Crowley to the Quaker model, and well beyond.

(First hour Dr.Miller’s skype makes for some rough audio, Second hour we pull him back on via phone and it is much better)


08-08-16 – Doc RAM, Nibiru, Time Travel, Binary Solar System, Magick, Mystery Schools, Intelligence Agencies
Time Travel, How to talk with your future self, What does Magick, Physics, Mystery Schools and Alphabet agencies have in common. Zero Point Energy. Doc Ram says almost all solar systems are Binary with a blackhole in the center that leads to a white hole in another galaxy. Doc Ram also describes the creation of time cavitation & super cavitation in such an eloquent and fluid manner almost anyone can understand.

Dr Richard Allan Miller then brings up Nibiru and why it is so difficult to pick up with a traditional telescope and is , because it has a unique infrared signature that isn’t correct.

He also claims the poles and earth have shifted and we are living in the hottest times on Earth on record reaching 164’ heat index in Iran last year. What does NASA and other institutions see on the horizon for earth in the next couple years with the geographical changes and severe weather patterns?

Wait until you hear the hypothesis Doc Ram has about Nibiru, this might blow your mind.

How about the RH – blood factor? Could ET be hiding in plain site? Is there a War going on inside each of us at the molecular level? What are our options at Physical Death? Would you follow the light tunnel or go into the light?

What is synchronicity? What is the Afterlife? Is Magick with a K real, not just stage magic? What is Magick? How does one become a true Magi? Is Magick Evil, or is it the intent of those casting the energetic forces?

Hermetics, what is real what is illusion, his answer might shock you.

A.I software, Jade Helm 2.0 then 3.0 – API Biofeedback, Grey Goo

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08-23-16 – Jeff Norton, and Paranormal Radio


09-17-16 – Chris and Sheree Geo – Merkaba Mysticism and Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Richard Alan Miller


09-19-16 – Dr Richard Alan Miller on We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For – with Eilish De Avalon (Melbourne)



10-10-16 – The Midnight Ocean, with Jeff Norton


10-28-16 – Episode 632 – Dr. Richard Alan Miller & Jon Rappoport – Thursday October 27th 2016 – In this edition we welcome the fantastic Dr. Richard Alan Miller to discuss physics, life, death, time travel, the earth, and ever so much more. Then, Jon Rappoport joins in to discuss CDC quarantines, the GEMS vote tabulating system and more.


11- 16 – James Jancik – Dr. Richard Alan Miller, PH.D.



12-4-16 – Episode 99: dr. richard alan miller
In this episode my guest is author and polymath Dr. Richard Alan Miller. His research in the field of paranormal began as a graduate physicist eventually working 11 years with the military intelligence agency of the United States Navy. During this period he produced numerous foundational papers, including A Holographic Concept of Reality and Embryonic Holography. He now writes for Nexus magazine and is also an author with numerous books under his belt. Check out his sites richardalanmiller.comand for more information.