Get Your Copy of Healing Yourself

In changing times, as technology takes over all aspects of life, it is good to know that some things can and do remain the same. This is especially so for the beneficial effects of natural herbs as remedies or aids in many physical and even emotional conditions.

That’s why the re-release of this book Healing Yourself, as an eBook is exciting news!

Healing Yourself is a compilation first released in 1974, by The Country Doctor Community Clinic. Physicist and herbal expert, Dr. Richard Alan Miller supplied the material from which this helpful little manual was created and he has now accessed the original document from his archives, to make it available once more!

Here’s some interesting background from Dr. Miller himself, found in the introduction in the 2019 eBook release:

“…Back when this book was conceived, I was operating Legal Highs – the only herbal store in America, and my bookstore, Beltane Occult Books and Supplies – and was advising on effective uses of herbs. At that time, I was the first to write on the chemistry of herbs and was considered the world’s authority on the use of herbs in medicine.

Even USDA did not study herbs until I wrote my first books on the subject.

In the 1970s Country Doctor approached me for this herbal information, and then The Open Door Clinic used Healing Yourself as a primary manual for helping those seeking a more natural way of recovery. This was part of my “flying squad,” work at the Survival Center, taking phone calls from drug overdoses – trying to help them stay on the line while we dispatched help toward them. This later became known as “911”, run by the Seattle Fire Department.  This was where it all started.

I am delighted to be able to bring you this little gem of a book, preserved from days long gone. I do hope you will enjoy it!”  ~ Dr. Richard Alan Miller

This delightfully preserved eBook is NOW AVAILABLE for just $3 in the bookstore on Dr. Miller’s site.
Grab your copy now.