06-08-14 – Dr RAM#4: Changing The Movie : Away from Endless War –

• Published on Jun 8, 2014

• After a 1 minute Excerpt from Star Trek… Welcome back to GuyFox Channel, and our ongoing conversations with Dr Richard Alan Miller. This talk one took place on June 8th, and was a voyage into some dark places about the possible future of humankind. But it is not without hope, and ideas of how to avoid the worst that may be coming our way.
• + NASA, the future of war :
• + The transhuman agenda is turning us into warrior slaves… or eliminating us
• + We need to ask the right questions: What to do with those who cannot become Superhuman, is a dark question, and not the right one to ask
• + Aliens are here and they are hiding inside us, IN OUR DNA
• + The battle for our future – and the battle to stay alive – is inside us
• + We need the right intentions (“we are responsible for our own thoughts”), and to set the right example for the young, who we will leave behind to fix the world
• + Good water is maybe more important than good food
• + Water, especially EZ (Exclusion Zone) Water can receive and hold our intentions
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• Near the beginning of the conversation, Dr Miller refers to a presentation done for NASA and some alphabet agencies. I was initially reluctant to go down this path, since it had seemed very dark, and I was unprepared. By the end, I was glad I had done so. Dr Miller, as usual provided a fresh perspective that allows us to see a different path. We can break the pattern of endless war, and constant fear, by finding the courage to look inside ourselves for new questions, new answers and all-important positive intentions. We need to seek a greater appreciation of the importance of Water, the Elixir of Life that swims inside us, and without whose magical properties we would not be God’s chosen creatures… of precious imagination, and positive emotion.

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