Saturday August 18th, 2018
Dr. RAM will present an all day workshop ESP/SELF HYPNOSIS that he taught to the Navy Seals
to make them into SUPER SOLDIERS.
Cost: $100.00
Learn Critical Decision-Making Power Tools, Intuition, and how to Think with your Gut – Urban Survival Skills 101 – (the first Navy SEAL Protocol for making Super Soldiers) Developing ESP/Self-Hypnosis with measurable results is presented by world renowned physicist Dr. Richard Alan Miller. “If we could understand how other states of consciousness could offer access to other realities, we might have a valuable tool toward the evolution of consciousness.”
In this all day workshop, you will learn: “The study of ESP is a beginning journey toward the development of simple tools for the true transformation & evolution of human consciousness.” You will return home with powerful tools to assist you in making the best healing decisions, for yourself and others, with your enhanced ESP.”
Join us for an intensive all day Self-Hypnosis/ESP workshop where you will learn the tools taught to Navy Seals for making life and death snap decisions with a 3 sigma (99%) accuracy. Mother Nature built the most incredible survival mechanism into each one of us. Learn to activate and trust this natural inner-guidance system. Class will start and finish with an intuitive decision making test with results of up to a 400% improvement during the class! Improve your intuitive decision making skills for your benefit in business, crisis survival and in life in general.