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Listening to you speak has sent me down roads of inquiry that I never would have traveled. You have opened a sense of wonder about the world for me that had not been there before. I consider your interviews a gift for which I will be forever grateful.

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Support Dr. Richard Alan Miller in Completing his New Books

Donate Through GoFundMe Or use Cryptocurrency Coin                              Address BTC Bitcoin              1PqNauUTCvfH6wvMVtxqoQ1rvousdoVb7 BCH Bitcoin Cash    qq8z5t8ejjunyt9aa4eeqfs6cfv0ecpvhvwj57uq82 BTG Bitcoin Gold    GKQmwafTtUJQ3S5oZE4cDBDVdiAu3Jr7eC DGB DigiBite          D5E7R1gyKh4Q5bpddgJmLgRZ8iXezYrpsU ETH Ethereum         0x5EB2159c85008d3dF0D09B78d541515020A72D27 LTC Litecoin            LT6ti377UqiYRdmMTGvnpJLLGT3BD28oXK Noted physicist, agricultural expert, metaphysician and author, Dr. Richard Alan Miller has 10 new books he wants to get into print and out into the world. […]

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Help Doc RAM get his new books completed

Donate Through GoFundMe Noted physicist, agricultural expert, metaphysician and author, Dr. Richard Alan Miller has 10 new books he wants to get into print and out into the world. The time has come to get these manuscripts out for publication so his fans can benefit from his great mind, learning and wisdom in several fields […]

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Doc RAM Book Collection

Dr. Richard Alan Miller Turned Navy SEALS Into Super-soldiers

Dr. Richard Alan Miller Turned Navy SEALS Into Supersoldiers… And He Has Instructions For YOU! Imagine that the dollar has already collapsed, but your life goes on almost as if nothing happened. In fact you’re the one who’s acting as a source of support and inspiration to those around you. Is that actually even possible? Perhaps not […]

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! Full Circle

The Full Circle Project – Zen Gardner

You’ve heard the old expression, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” Well the MSM is kind of like that. It is SO ubiquitous… it’s EVERYWHERE. Have you noticed that there are now TV monitors all over??? Modern live has become much like that John Carpenter movie from the 1980s with Rowdy Piper titled, […]

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Doc RAM Lifeboat 5

Sustainable Lifeboat – Part One: 2015 Mini Series… By Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Dr. Richard Alan Miller; Lecture gives you practical information on what you need to do for the survival of your friends & family – starting now! Subscribe to DocRAMs Channel CLICK HERE ———- 11-28-14 – Conscious Explorer – Ancient Past Present Task – Pt1 – Included are: Gregg Braden, Bo Gritz, Michael Tsarion, Val Valerian, […]

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Sustainable Lifeboat Part 2/3: Looking Ahead Dr. Richard Alan Miller 2015

Closed Captions & Graphic Video Provided By; Channel CVMCo88 Subscribe for part 2 & 3. Author & Researcher Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a depth of knowledge and experience in Alternative Agriculture, Physics, and Metaphysics. Miller began working in the secret world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s, and […]

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! Ab Lincoln

DocRAM & Mat Stein @ RK Prepper Show Oct 2015 & give workshop on *Urban Survival Preparedness… Email us for more information at ———————————————————————————————- 11-21-14 – Feet to the Fire: Dr. Richard Alan Miller Sept 7th 2014 – Published on Sep 21, 2014 – Dr. Richard Alan Miller returned to F2F for an 2nd live, stream-of-consciousness interview Sept 7th 2014. Dr. Richard […]

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Drone Footage Captures Chernobyl’s Ghost City

11-30-14 – Drone Footage Captures Chernobyl’s Ghost City – On the Ukrainian side of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border lies the radioactively contaminated city of Pripyat, pop. 0, whose 50,000-or-so inhabitants were evacuated in the days following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986

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mind control-v20-n4


. Electronic manipulation of our minds and GM foods are already used for mass social control. The next step for biotech giants is to modify crops to silence vital genes and reprogram our “second brain”.

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11-26-14 – THE SCIENCE AND PROMISE OF FULLERENE WATER – By Dr Richard Alan Miller. Water containing fullerenes, or carbon buckyballs, has been shown to have powerful antioxidant and decontaminating properties. It can also protect against radiation exposure and neutralise waterborne pathogens, heavy metals and pesticides.

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