Antigravity Evolves from Electrogravitics and Subquantum Kinetics
Book Review by Thomas Valone, PhD, PE – Integrity Research Institute – 12/21/08
Starting with a detailed review of electrogravitics and the life of T. Townsend Brown, Dr.
Paul LaViolette’s book, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion (Bear & Company, 2008)
offers a wonderfully informative description of the science of propulsion generators. Paul tends to use the terms “antigravity” and “electrogravitics” quite liberally, even when other terms might be more precise. However, the phenomena that is reviewed in his book, such as the 2200 newton per kilowatt thrust generated by T.T. Brown’s best high voltage discs in his report, “Electrohydrodynamics” are quite impressive. Also interesting are the
details about Brown’s later life research into petrovoltaics that include graphs of the
spontaneous voltage (about 300 mV) developed continuously over a nine-day period.
Paul is careful to include corroboration when available, such as the Physical Review
paper by Dr. Elmer Harrington from the National Bureau of Standards that confirms
Brown’s effects on gravitational acceleration and heat generation in rocks.


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