The First Secret On Earth / Origin Of Hidden Human Knowledge

The First Secret On Earth / Origin Of Hidden Human Knowledge | Before It's News

The First Secret On Earth / Origin Of Hidden Human Knowledge | Before It’s News.





I was in North India minding my own business working on an archaeological dig in what is considered one of the oldest ancient cities in that country. It must have been 2 or 3 in the morning and I could not sleep. My stomach was growling with hunger although I had eaten a full meal that night. I really had jet lag.


The Sheet covering me was soaked with sweat although the cold air conditioning was working very well. I did not worry about the sweated sheet as I knew the heat would dry it soon enough despite the cold air coming from the AC.


I got up and left my room half naked walking up the stairs to the top of the roof. If you have ever been to the wilds of India you know the stars above are by far some of the most stunning. Star groups and formations unique with quite a different appearance than the Western hemisphere.


What I was to see though was the most shocking stellar event I had ever witnessed in my young life. I reached the roof and stepped out onto it. The entire roof and the night sky was lit up and almost as bright as dawn. Brighter than any harvest moon announcing halloween or an obscure occurring moon following as the second moon of the month.


I was absolutely stunned and silent as I beheld the brightest star I had ever seen. One star not a group of stars clustered together. There was an actual presence to this. The star light had texture and substance enlivened by some hidden indwelling glory. An awe inspiring event that was welcomed after a recent car accident. In which I was almost killed by falling asleep and crashing my car through a fence. For some unknown reason I was above my body like a pair of eyes as paramedics asked me questions and I drifted in and out of consciousness.


Before the accident I had a weird dream. In which some indian holy man dressed in maroon jama carrying a walking stick would poke my chest to agitate me. He was really boring with his accented chatter. The joker claimed I would experience a car accident and after that my whole life would change. I laughed the dream off as clever imagination and too much ganja. Until I lay on the ground with blood coming out of my head.


If you travel to India all across the land you will see the sun crosses scattered here and there. On the British isles the sun cross can be seen in obscure and hard to reach  spots in one form or the other. Standing stones ignited with presence.Across the world you will come upon these sun crosses in various represented forms.

The other representations these sun crosses come in is intriguing and enlightening.  Leading us to origins of worshipping Source on this planet in its primal beginnings.Not as human sacrifice as messiah or even a goat or cow to appease a jealous dark god or devil.


A practice of atonement far beyond present understanding etched in stone bible politically edited to entrap spirt of free people bending them to their knees in worship of moloch modern dark god of materialism also known in some circles as Ahriman.


Human sacrifice in our times taking form as tantric left hand sacrifice of spiritual identity now converted and thrown into Luciferan fire as intellectual enlightenment. A gross bound enlightenment creating fall of cognition from initial innocent clear unadulterated state of direct cognitive perception with source. Converted to an indoctrinated hypnotized state dogma centered in fear know as amygdala in the limbic system.


Humans linked to source perceptive before over development of brain in schism inducing areas. In various countries today church and state have joined using schism prone brain matter area frailties in human consciousness to be used for mind and thought control.


Ronald Reagan who was put into presidential office by votes cast by the christian right. Made church and state relationship clear when he put the burden of welfare on churches in the 1980s under the guise of lack of state moneys for welfare.


Welfare as tending the flock from the inside – (thought and emotional mind control) out. Sweaty perspiring stinky pseudo Christian evangelists used as Nazi gestapo henchmen to keep the flock in line (the masses-mob) by utilizing mistranslated bible texts and assaulting the masses with that.

Jerry Falwell and others cooperating with state psychiatrists, psychologists, mythologists and sociologists that engineered thought and emotional control in strategic areas of cerebrum. Adventus by cutting edge electronics broadcast from a distance. Pavlovian subjects presently now salivating when the angst bell is rung through use of key biblical words and phrases. The devil and jesus make bad and obscene bedfellows.


Human brain development started with forebrain and hindbrain.  Counter contradictory thought between left and right hemispheres did not enter the picture until  later in physiological development.


Debate and contradiction were not part of primitive human thought process.Essentially humans as basic in intellectual development  were birthing forms of politics. Clans and tribes which became governments.Hunters and gathers rudimentarily  philosophizing, traveling by foot. Communicating by sign and cipher. Basic existence revolving around religious observation of stars and planets,life and death.


    For a singular man or woman to go off on a tangent attempting to explain a treatise on spirituality to a group concerning communication between human and gods would be considered by such with silence and total lack of understanding.


To the rudimentary human cosmos and source could only be understood experientially not with mind or consideration. Human direct cognitive perception occurred with source because there was no barrier of discrimination  to ascertain dimensions of subject matter. Life force could not be withheld or denied by clever hypnotic words from a priestcraft that came later with doctrinal induction as a form of passive hypnosis to those being indoctrinated.


    Subsequently all references to source creator in action would be demonstrated practically and utilitarian to people of the earth by union perception between themselves and the life giver as source. Homo-sapiens  became familiar with planting and harvesting cycles of crops.Weather becoming seasons, decay and renewal. Searching and acquiring food transformed into abundance or lack cycling description of crop years as introduction of cuneiglyphs which became cuneiform.Yet again experientially through fact and not by wrote would be the communion between humans and a God.


Local prophet seers would sit on a special specified seat made of materials considered sacred. Conductive subtle energy materials known to register on graphic electronic data instruments today through specimen samples of relics. Seers head adorned with a crown made of metals and stones that would hone in cosmic forces into endocrine and nervous system aligning with subtle fields surrounding them.


Relic materials being made of stone, wood, metals, precious stones = granite, sarsen, blue stone, meteor, coral, cedar, oak, gold, silver, amethyst, hirkemer quartz, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald. Rudimentary origins of heads of spiritual lineages and messiahs. Fortingal in central Scotland is the origin of one of those primitive lineages that eventuated in the birth of a western christ figure.


The sacred seat of power would be placed on lay lines conducting subtle currents across the earth.The seer interfaced with astrophysics from above and below and would speak the sacred language. A type of limericks (speaking in tongues) in variant forms; Pict, Akkadian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Pali, Amdo,Hebrew, Coptic, Bo and English.

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The priest king or priestess would speak about the future for the year and for events further to come. The seer would prophesies for men and women in terms of deeds necessary to maintain connection with source. To these primitives source or God was not something out there. It was a force they sensed directly within them and around them. The whole world was animated and they were animated along with that.


    Humanity came from divine heritage which amounted to one anatomical phenomena. Namely it boiled down to their thumb. Humans could grasp objects which relayed nerve signals through to their forebrain, limbic system pituitary and pineal. Integrating connection between higher cognitive faculties and lower. Source connected to ground through human reciprocals.


Evolving brain development as brain hemispheres eventuating in arts and sciences which caused the great fall and expulsion from the sacred garden of Dilmun (eden) now a desert. Egypt now today a desert was fertile and lush in ancient times with copious water supplies and a highly developed civilization which included the known world at that time known as MU before the old kingdom of Egypt emerged.

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Sun (son) worship did not spread across the world.It was already present in variant forms on all continents and those which expired into the seas. How could christianity as a belief exist all over the earth with such variations in languages, cultures?


This is the unique thing about sun (son) worship particularly is the fact that it just showed up everywhere at the same time and was experientially cognized by all people without indoctrination. Christianity  had no doctrine or set belief patterns. It just was. Humans were hooked up to a universal grid under their feet and above them in stellar and cosmic phenomena.


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    Primitives were driven by hunger, thirst, hormonal drives through sexual intercourse via instinctoid modes. The advent of agriculture provided a means for humans to remain in one place and from this civilizations sprung up.The two brain halves would develop and a fall in divine perception would be fourth coming.


   From this fall would emerge a priestcraft and rules of engagement between human agencies as free agents endowed with divine intelligence. Saturating them selves in entangling interaction with their own intelligence between self and others. Emerging and becoming engrossed as a similar. The higher you climb the cosmic ladder the higher the fall is an the analogy.


    Speculation has been a constant historically in understanding intelligence according to  the anti diluvian times premise.


There is a strong acceptance today among scientists that intelligence used by primitives came by a natural fusional interface they had between their endocrine glands, primitive brain, (forebrain, basel, ganglia&limbic system) autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems. Finally muscle tissue interfacing with electrical currents and subtle currents surrounding their physiology. Surrounding energies as conductive electrical, morphic, morphogentic fields of energies interfacing with a Source Cosmic.

Rudolf Steiner an Austrian mystic and healer believed that humans communicated with an ancestral memory where all previous memories of all people were stored. Related humans could tap into this memory to access knowledge so as to utilize for any form of necessity.

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From accepted neurological evidence today by science it appears that sun (son) worship and its perception experienced through humans experientially as the energetic in action was a natural biological propensity.


The later dogma, doctrines and indoctrination by a priestcraft was an attempt to stifle perception and obscure this natural connection with source through controlling cosmic perception. Connection as means by which humans remained in contact with their cosmic creator.


Genesis Source placed a radio receiver and transceiver right in brain center and nervous systems as cranial nerve 10 configured through master gland pituitary sharing nerve signal responsibilities with pineal. Communicating with ductless glands innervation sympathetic and autonomic with limbic terminus in enterochromaffin (EC) cells in the gut.


This paper is not an argument against modern day sun (son) worshipping. I too am a sun (son) worshipper however I know from years of experience and evidence I have gathered both as an archaeologist and anthropologist that the defining presence of a God or sun (son) is raw personal experience had within very sensitive sensing mechanisms throughout human body via ventricle temples (second womb) as endocrine pituitary and pineal combining pulse points of the heart and nerve conglomerate as limbic terminus, concentric tissue, gut (second brain). External Maxillary2, Superficial Temporal2, Brachial4, Ulnar2, Radial2, Femoral2, Popliteal2, Posterior Tibial2, Dorsalis Pedis2.  Locations where the virgin is never touched by a man as blood is blue.


   To be saved is to sense sun (son) tangible as eating Jimmy Dean sausages and pancakes after church on Sunday. To absolutely see the workings of source in our very personal lives is important.


Reading the bible is irrelevant because the sun (sun) was a natural force present always within and around human physiology even before the western Jesus Christ(one man in God) arrived on the scene.

Real connection with source is experiential. This always has been and always will be. True communion with source is not an intellectual perception. The intellect can chew on the initial experience but never fully grasp and understand that at the level of mind.


The so-called biblical new covenant was just a reminder from a western perspective that nothing had changed and as usual humanity was still interfaced and connected to source, period.


Division between contradictory left and right brains ( humanities expulsion from the garden of eden) creates delusion that humanity is separated from source. Enticed by Lucifer to gain mental enlightenment as opposed to remaining source connected.  Harnessing the snake now tamed (kundalini) and subservient to higher forces (Source Directed). Baptism by water – human physiology spirit engulfed and aligned by interface with source.


No severing connection between spark within and source due to mental deception.Returning to use of forebrain as pituitary, pineal, limbic system, 10th cranial nervation up and down sushuma channel terminus in concentric gut reconfigures the sacred baptism on tap. Making all important decisions from connection with source first,  having acute discrimination (vivika) then utilizing the lower left and right brain halves.  


There is a gross misnomer in understanding connection with source. From a fallen humanity outlook one raises primal source energy (kundalini) up the spine until it explodes and opens the top of the cranium. Allowing the ocean to mix with microcosmos. Spark always swims in ocean and union individuation causes worlds to be. Reincarnation is blink of the eye in consideration of eternity that never touches form.


Actually so called raising kundalini works the other way around. Source intermingling with cosmic self in ventricle temples sends ocean waves down rod to transmute passion entanglements. Transmuting passions into  commonality as source singular individual in  compassionate sea.


The sun (son) Connection to Source carried out today by bloated sweaty southern evangelist preachers in need of a towel and bath in the true meaning of the biblical philosophy they shove down the naives throats. Billy Graham was ok. At least he loved and cared about those he was trying to save. Love is the greatest vessel to rescue those lost at sea.


Do not toss out your babel, I mean your bible just yet. Reconnect with source in what ever language and meaning that divine part of you recognizes which will transform and heal you. The Diamond Healing has many facets of expression.


Nevertheless do not be deceived into believing you can sit on your fat butt and not take part in your relationship with life itself. Personal connection with source is an experiential responsibility that comes with a valuable price.


You can remain conscious of that connection as a continual baptism by remaining open to ever present flowing tributaries back and fourth. Between source cause ever redefining itself by human perception purified and expanding. The new sun (son) replaces the old sun (son). Sun (son) becomes Father and Father becomes Abel the Father of Source.


The Indian swami Paramahansa Yogananda discussed the second coming of christ (sun son) as an effulgence occurring when water recognized its source flowing in union to and fro.


Today this article has discussed mechanical natural means humanity has been connected and remains connected to source. As continually baptized by the gift of ever flowing  essentials from the world of Source. To inner most sanctuary of ventricle temples within brain and heart as pulse point.


Part two will discuss Holy Mother in her aspects and activities flowing from source ocean to garment of material expression human and otherwise.


Part three will discuss source complexity cause with many tributaries occupying houses of  divinity.


Part four will delve into Abel as cause source. Overview with aspect purposes.

©2012 Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD

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